I primarily teach undergraduate- and graduate-level courses on health and inequality. I have taught additional courses and lectures on topics including food systems, consumer behavior, qualitative methods, and the practice of teaching sociology.

Below are a list of courses for which I have served as a primary instructor, teaching assistant and guest lecturer. Please feel free to contact me for syllabi.

Primary Instructor
Social Determinants of Health, Department of Sociology, Stanford University
Sociology of Health and Illness, Department of Sociology, Stanford University  
The Art and Joy of Teaching Sociology, Department of Sociology, Stanford University  
First Steps Toward Sustainable Food Solutions, Center for Ethics in Society, Stanford University

Teaching Assistant
Food, Health and Nutrition Entrepreneurship, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Qualitative Methods for Graduate Students, Department of Sociology, Stanford University
Interpersonal Relations, Department of Sociology, Stanford University
Classics of Modern Social Theory, Department of Sociology, Stanford University
Junior/Senior Capstone Seminar for Majors, Department of Sociology, Stanford University

Guest Lecturer
Behind Consumer Behavior: Social Determinants of Food Choices, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Introduction to Qualitative Methods: Data Collection and Analysis, Stanford School of Medicine
Motivational Interviewing, Second Harvest Food Bank, Santa Clara County